About Gleasonator

Gleasonator is a place for ideas. It's a place to share ideas, challenge ideas, and to be challenged by them.

It's a place for thinkers, creators, and scapegoats. It's a return to the old internet, but modernized through the Fediverse.

The Fediverse is a new social network that will obsolete Facebook and Twitter. Instead of one big site, there are thousands of small sites that cross-communicate.

With an account on the Fediverse, your username will end with the site's domain name. For example, your account on Gleasonator will look like @[email protected]

Think of it like an email address - [email protected] can send messages to [email protected] and [email protected] The Fediverse is decentralized like that too, except it's a social media platform. This lets individual communities set their own rules and focus on what's important to them.

Gleasonator is a way to join the Fediverse, to be part of a community, and to reclaim your social media experience in an ethical way. We are looking forward to the future of digital technology and will work tirelessly to expand the Fediverse into a people-centric platform.

Site rules

Please refrain from:

  1. Posting anything illegal.
  2. Intentionally creating multiple accounts to circumvent people blocking you.
  3. Explicit hate-based racism, sexism, and other hateful speech, but generally unpopular opinions voiced respectfully will be fine.
  4. Being a bot (unless you post unlisted and do not auto-follow).
  5. Any account setup solely to advertise a product or service.
  6. NSFW without a content warning.

What won't get you banned:

  1. Hurting someone's feelings.
  2. Anything that can be solved by a personal block.
  3. Cursing.
  4. Lewd jokes.
  5. A bot where all posts are unlisted.

Open Source

Gleasonator runs free and open source (FOSS) software licensed under the GNU Affero General Public License version 3 (AGPL3).

Source code: https://gitlab.com/soapbox-pub/soapbox