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2020/05/31 5:25:30 AM UTC

@Locksmith I dunno but it definitely feels like a historic time

2020/05/31 5:14:21 AM UTC

How long do you think the riots are going to go on?

2020/05/31 5:16:32 AM UTC

@niggaflamebuttholeaids How the theming system works. Captions for attached photos:

1. A Theme is a list of color Names.
2. There's CSS stylesheets which use the Name values dynamically.
3. You can directly set a Theme, but you can also generate one from a brand color.

At first I'll be focusing on generating the theme from a brand color. Eventually I'll let users upload their own themes.
Screenshot from 2020-05-31 00-10-57.png Screenshot from 2020-05-30 23-38-47.png Screenshot from 2020-05-31 00-11-56.png

2020/05/31 4:21:10 AM UTC

@niggaflamebuttholeaids The theme color can be set to black, but it doesn't look the best. Anything is possible with this new theming system, but it's a major overhaul so I'm gonna try to keep it simple at first.
Screenshot from 2020-05-30 23-19-56.png

2020/05/31 4:06:03 AM UTC

Also the brand color works on the dark theme too. Eventually there will be two configurable options:

Brand Color: [hex color code]
Mode: Light, Dark, Auto

(Under the hood the light vs dark theme will just be a different set of color variables, but in the UI it'll be like that^)
Screenshot from 2020-05-30 23-01-19.png

2020/05/31 3:57:54 AM UTC

This is going to allow me to consolidate all the themes and delete a lot of unnecessary code. As a result it will also be dead simple for an instance admin to set a brand color, and the themes will load faster.

We'll lose things like the special swimming fish background on the Neenster/Aquatic theme, but I could also make that a configurable option. Maybe we can even export the fish with transparency so it can adapt to the background.

I think the Halloween theme will just have to go away for now. RIP. I might try to allow it in the future by letting custom CSS be part of themes.

2020/05/31 3:50:34 AM UTC

New theming system is coming along well. I'm slowing consolidating it into a bunch of CSS variables.

It takes only a single value to theme the whole site. The other colors are derived automatically. First color is #aa2200 then it changes to #1ca82b

2020/05/31 3:39:58 AM UTC

"Write code that's easy to delete, not easy to extend" is so true. I'm deleting code left and right.

2020/05/31 1:01:06 AM UTC

@niggaflamebuttholeaids @mewmew Maybe I could just add a 3 column mode to Soapbox FE at some point

2020/05/31 12:37:04 AM UTC

You can fail at what you don’t want. So you might as well take a chance on doing what you love.

2020/05/31 12:38:23 AM UTC

@mewmew What's Pleroma missing aside from the FE? They care about trending hashtags and suggestions?

2020/05/31 12:36:56 AM UTC

@mewmew We could put the Mastodon -> Pleroma migrator to the test

2020/05/31 12:32:46 AM UTC

@mewmew It might be possible to backport some of my work on Soapbox FE into MastoFE. They're nearly same codebase with a different stylesheet.

2020/05/31 12:30:43 AM UTC

@mewmew Would probably be better to program auth and settings features into MastoFE than to actually use Mastodon. I'm hoping there will be a great push for Pleroma frontends in many flavors.

2020/05/31 12:08:47 AM UTC

tfw the one Mastodon instance I run uses more resources than the three Pleroma instances (with total ~4x more users), the PeerTube instance, the Plume instance, the Pixelfed instance, and the Gitea instance

2020/05/30 11:05:08 PM UTC

@washtimes My sister was just telling me she saw this on last night!

2020/05/30 9:26:51 PM UTC

@PaterSnape I learned about @regnatarajan's free speech forum that got blacklisted despite not containing ads:

2020/05/30 9:13:29 PM UTC

TIL convincing an ad blocker to blacklist a non-advertising website is a new form of censorship.

2020/05/30 9:11:46 PM UTC

@regnatarajan That's exactly it. Oof, that sucks.